Winter 1 2018 Recreation Schedule


We offer recreation programs for girls, preschoolers, boys as well as tumbling.

Girls OCTOBER 29th - JANUARY 19th

GTC Girls program is designed to introduce the girls to the thrill of gymnastics. In the program they begin their training on bars, vault, floor, tumbling, and beam. Classes start at age five and up. Classes are based on skill level. After the student reaches silver medal they may be recommended to try out for pre-team. Pre-team and team are by tryout and invitation only.

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Preschool OCTOBER 29th - JANUARY 19th

The GTC Pre-school gymnastics program starts at age 9 months. Parents of the Little Rascals class are required to participate.  Parents of the two-year-olds may participate with the child if they would like, but this is not required. This program is designed to introduce the basics of gymnastics, balance, body movement, and self-esteem. These classes are co-ed and are based on age.

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Boys OCTOBER 29th - JANUARY 19th

The GTC Boys Program is geared toward the boys that are interested in learning the basics in boys gymnastics. They will learn vault, parallel bars, rings tumbling, pommel, etc. Classes are based on skill level and start at age five and up.

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Tumbling OCTOBER 29th - JANUARY 19th

Our tumbling program is geared towards kids and teenagers that would like to learn to tumble and/or learn to use the trampoline. This program is also great for those that would like to supplement their gymnastics with more tumbling skills. This program is ages eight and up and is co-ed 

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