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GTC's entire facility can be rented out for private parties, functions, and school dance activities. Attendees of all ages and abilities will have a fun and memorable time jumping on trampolines, playing in the foam pits, setting up obstacle courses, and testing out their skills on all the gymnastic apparatus.  

Please note that gym rentals are approved on a case-by-case basis.

Rules To Rent

  • Rental times are Saturdays only after 9PM

  • For high school dances there is a maximum of 40 couples/80 people

  • All participants must sign the waiver

Contact Us For More Details

(801) 433-0801

Price To Rent

  • $600 cash or check upfront (non-refundable) includes up to 30 people (each additional person is $20), entire gym and a coach/chaperone

  • Scheduling is first come, first served

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