*All registration and session fees must be paid prior to enrolling each child in a class.

*A $30.00 per person or $50.00 per family registration fee is due annually from the time of sign up and is non-refundable. You will be billed this amount if you do not pay at time of enrollment.  You may be assessed a billing fee for this service.

*Session fees exceeding $300.00 may be split into 2 payments.  The 1st payment is due upon signing up.  The 2nd payment will be due 1 month later.  ANY PAYMENTS MADE AFTER THAT TIME WILL BE CHARGED A $25 LATE FEE.  We also reserve the right to charge a $25 billing fee if needed.

                *There are NO refunds after the first 2 weeks of a session.

*There is a 10% discount for siblings.  Discount applies to the sibling(s) with the lesser total(s).

*BONUS DISCOUNT: If you recommend GYMNASTICS TRAINING CENTER to a friend and they sign up, you receive a $10 credit towards your next session of gymnastics.  5 kids=$50!  There is no limit to this bonus discount.  Please have them mention your name when they register for class so we can apply the credit.

*If you are enrolled for an entire year (must include summer) you will receive one week free!


Our Price Breakdown is as Follows:

Hours taken per week     /    Session price                                   Hours taken per week   /    Session price           

1 hour per week                   $190                                                   4 hours per week               $ 456

1.5 hours per week              $255                                                  5 hours per week               $ 483        

2 hours  per week                $342                                                 6 hours per week                $ 520              

3 hours per week                 $413