There are so many benefits for those who participate in gymnastics. Competitive level gymnastics provides opportunities to learn much more than gymnastics skills. Team gymnastics gives young athletes something to be committed to, a place to focus, and a reason to work hard. It offers a platform for learning the importance of goal-setting and taking the steps needed for success. Our team programs require determination, dedication, hard work and patience.

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Recreational Gymnastics promotes strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and confidence. With a wide range of convenient classes to chose from our recreational program has a class for anyone wishing to participate. From the very beginner as early as 9 months of age, all the way through to our adult tumbling, GTC provides a safe and fun way to explore the dynamic world of gymnastics.

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Summer Camps

Summer Camp is one of GTC's favorite programs! Last summer was such a blast and we are so excited to see what adventures await us this coming summer.

GTC offers an opportunity for every child to grow and develop in new and exciting ways. We believe through gymnastics, your child can learn life skills such as dedication, determination, positive discipline and confidence. In addition, summer camp encourages friendships, team work and cooperation.