We brought our daughter to Gymnastics Training Center hoping this wold be an outlet for all the energy that a four year old brings. Nine years later we are still here and love it more than ever. The coaches are knowledgeable in the sport and techniques that they teach. The new facility and equipment give the gymnasts the ability to excel in a sport that they love. Because gymnastics requires a significant time requirement by the gymnasts, families, and GTC staff, friendships are built that feel more like family. We are grateful everyday for our GTC family!

- Bryan, Lindsey & Gabrielle Z. | Salt Lake City, UT

"Our gymnast has been going to GTC for over two years. About a year-and-a-half ago, my daughter contracted osteomyelitis, bone infection, in her tibia, that doctors originally mistook for a stress fracture (because she is a gymnast). After 10 days in the hospital, four months out of the gym, and weeks of physical therapy, she returned, but was extremely nervous. The coaches knew how hard this was and would be for her and explained to me that they would find something to celebrate everyday. Their gentle encouragement and patience with my daughter carried her through a very rough time. Yes, the coaches are skilled; they also truly care about your child."  

- Claire & Tamara W. | Holladay, UT

"We love GTC! A few years ago I enrolled by kids in GTC's summer camp, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. The camp counselors/coaches take the kids on lots of exciting field trips and plan fun activities for the kids while at the gym. My kids have truly had a great experience while going to the summer camp. My kids also started taking gymnastic classes after getting to know the coaches in summer camp, and my 10-year-old daughter has continued her gymnastics training. Her coaches do a wonderful job and are really helping her progress as a gymnast."

Michelle H. | Salt Lake City, UT

"Our daughter has been going to GTC for a year.  She started in the Mom & Tot class at 18-months-old. The structure provided to her by teachers has helped her understand how to act better in social environments. It has also given her a chance to safely learn how to climb, jump, and swing during these early years of discovery. It's awesome to see her gain confidence doing things that we could not safely teach her on her own. We love the teachers and staff at GTC and will continue to participate in their programs with any of our children who find joy in gymnastics." 

- Salt Lake City, UT