Competitive Gymnastics Program

Competitive gymnastics is a demanding sport. One that requires determination, dedication, hard work, and patience.

There are multiple benefits in participating in gymnastics. On the competitive level it provides opportunities to learn much more than gymnastics skills. Team gives young athletes something to be committed to, a place to focus, and a reason to work hard. It offers a platform for learning the importance of setting goals and taking the steps needed for success.

Building more than physical muscle and stamina, our coaches believe in instilling, in each of our competitive athletes, a higher understanding of the mechanics of their sport, giving them the power to truly understand and own their skills.

Team gymnastics provides our athletes the framework for cultivating self-discipline, self-motivation, and self-direction. It also teaches them how to deal with and overcome disappointment, to productively take corrections, and to manage stress in healthy ways. We emphasize the importance of sportsmanship and encourage our gymnasts to take part in leadership and mentoring opportunities.

At GTC, we understand that each gymnast is an individual with different expectations and goals. We believe it is our job to provide the proper coaching of technique and skills to help them reach their goals while maintaining a safe, fun, and disciplined environment.  


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